FleetPoint Test Drive The Nissan e-NV20

Thursday, December 4, 2014 - 12:29
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As a first time driver of an electric vehicle, the anxiety of battery life and not being able to take my eyes off the charge percentage initially impacted my enjoyment of the drive. But let me make this perfectly clear, once you get over that little issue it is really enjoyable to drive – the ultra-responsive motor and automatic gearbox made the e-NV200 a real pleasure to put through its paces.

Producing 254Nm of torque from literally the moment your foot touches the peddle, the hum of the motor comparable to sitting on a tram. This immediate and quick response from the electric motor and gearbox makes the van feel really nippy and the drive is smoother than a Bill Clinton apology, meaning it really excels in a city or town. The van comes complete with hill start assist, a rear-view camera and a beep when reversing so it’s easy to manoeuvre in these settings too.

When it comes to getting on 50mph+ roads the van can feel out of its depth and the rapid reduction in battery made me curb my speed at the first opportunity. Taking this into account, you really have to adapt your driving approach to a more economical and sensible one to get the most out of it and I found myself frequently using the ‘B’ regenerative braking mode.

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