How camera monitoring can cut claims

Friday, July 19, 2019 - 10:26
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A leading kitchen supplier fitted camera monitoring systems to 150 vehicles in its fleet to provide evidence in the case of fraudulent insurance claims, monitor products throughout their lifecycle and enable drivers to manoeuvre with ease.

Wren Kitchens saw its investment in Brigade Electronics Camera Monitor System, MDR 8-channel recorder and BRIDGE 4G Cloud Service as the perfect solution to refute bogus claims, reduce product return rates and boost customer service levels.

Each vehicle is fitted with seven cameras. Internal cameras monitor both the delivery driver and stock to ensure products are loaded and handled correctly and to improve driver training processes.

External cameras cover the vehicle blind spots, allowing the driver to manoeuvre safely. These cameras provide recorded footage and a live feed to Transport Management via Brigade’s BRIDGE 4G Cloud Service to support drivers with delivery issues and to provide evidence in the event of an incident.

BRIDGE Dashboard software and Mobile App enables access to footage and data via the 4G network.

Downloads can be scheduled or automated so that footage does not have to be manually retrieved from the MDR recorder.

BRIDGE is able to send instant notifications to fleet managers in the event of an accident or triggered event such as overspeed, excessive shock to the vehicle and when vehicles have entered or exited geo-fenced areas.

Lee Halls, Transport Manager at Wren Kitchens said “We are extremely satisfied with the work Brigade have done for us.

“The BRIDGE system is easy to use and the fact it’s an instant live feed means we don’t even have to access the vehicle to review any footage.

“If a customer has a problem at delivery, we can review the footage and solve any issues pretty much instantly. A great system, I’d highly recommended fitting Brigade.”

Wren won this year’s Motor Transport Award for Operational Excellence with Brigade’s systems helping drivers  to reverse and maneouvre safely with camera views displayed on a monitor inside of the cab.

The time taken when dealing with an accident has been significantly reduced for Transport Management thanks to the evidence provided through recorded footage. Ultimately, Brigade’s systems have provided peace of mind to Wren Kitchens Transport Management team, drivers and customers.

Author: Chris Wright, Business Vans

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