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FleetPoint’s Expert Blog is the perfect platform for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry to address some of the biggest issues fleet decision-makers face.

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Latest Expert Blogs

Tevva Battery Electric Truck

More UK government support needed to accelerate electric truck adoption

The March 2023 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report said that the world can still avoid the worst of climate collapse with genuine change,

Truck Driver

Where are we now with the HGV driver shortage?

In January 2022, the HGV industry was around 100,000 drivers short of capacity. Now that number stands at closer to 60,000 according to Logistics UK.

Fleet manager using a tablet to monitor the fleet

Leveraging AI to reduce risk and increase fleet management efficiency

The motor fleet insurance industry faces many challenges in today’s dynamic environment. From drawn-out claims processes to supply chain issues, there are many opportunities to

Connected Vehicle

Automotive security and software-defined vehicles

We have heard of the connected car – they’ve been around for some time. However, there is a new paradigm emerging in which the many

Woman charging her car at a supermarket

How to adopt the right charging infrastructure for your business

Over recent years, making a conscious effort to reduce corporate carbon emissions and become more sustainable has switched from being a consideration, to something that


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