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What is an Expert Blog?

FleetPoint’s Expert Blog is the perfect platform for some of the biggest names in the automotive industry to address some of the biggest issues fleet decision-makers face.

Contributors are not only provided with the perfect platform on which to voice their opinion, but they are also given pride of place on our growing panel of experts.

What’s more, all of our Expert Blog submissions are featured on our weekly newsletter, sent to 100,000 fleet decision-makers in the UK.

We welcome submissions from individuals and bodies from across the industry, on a range of relevant topics.

Latest Expert Blogs

Power To The Vehicle

According to Volkswagen, unscheduled downtime can cost fleet operators more than a staggering £600 a day. It’s for this reason that commercial vehicles are increasingly being serviced or repaired away from a normal workshop environment, to the benefit of fleet operators.

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The Future Of Low Carbon Transport Is Here

Each year we’re seeing an ever-stronger commitment from the world’s major vehicle manufacturers to a low carbon transport future – primarily based on the hybrid battery electric concept.

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Don’t Let Mobile Distractions Land Your Fleet In Hot Water

Sending texts, checking WhatsApp, updating Facebook or Instagram, checking the football scores, streaming music.

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Top Five Telematics Tall Tales

Crewe-based Radius Payment Solutions has conducted a nationwide survey looking into attitudes towards telematics, which surprisingly finds that only 5% of users were negative towards the technology.

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Eight Ways To Deliver An Effective Telematics Strategy

Investing in telematics can be costly, so it’s important to evaluate your current position in order to understand why you need a solution and how it can help you to move in the direction you want to go.

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