Volvo launch gas-powered truck

Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 13:30
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The Volvo FE CNG: Whoever smelt it, dealt it

Volvo Trucks is expanding its model range in Europe with a truck that runs entirely on methane gas.

The Volvo FE CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) has been developed primarily for operations involving short drives with repeated stop-and-starts such as rubbish collection and local distribution.

“With the Volvo FE CNG we can now offer companies that drive predominantly in urban environments a truck with a far lower environmental impact. Many cities the world over are looking for alternatives to diesel-powered trucks. In the field of refuse handling, for example, renewable fuels are often a requirement for securing a contract,” says Christina Eriksson, Business Manager Alternative Drivelines at Volvo Trucks.

Methane gas is odourless when combusted and it contains very low levels of harmful particles. If the methane is a biogas, emissions of carbon dioxide can be 70% lower than those of a diesel truck.

The Volvo FE CNG is powered by an all-new 9-litre Euro-6 engine featuring spark plug technology that produces 320 hp and 1356 Nm of torque and, thanks to its six-speed fully-automatic transmission, the truck retains the same excellent driveability and productivity as the conventional Volvo FE.

John Comer, Product Manager for Volvo Trucks Great Britain & Ireland, adds: “The new Volvo FE CNG is primarily aimed at centrally-operated municipal and refuse operators working from transfer stations where there is a renewable source of methane available.”

Sales of the new Volvo FE CNG will start in Europe in August, with series production getting under way in early 2015.

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