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WATCH: Dangerous Driving Close Overtake

By Kyle Lindsay
Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 17:03

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An amazingly close and dangerous overtake captured on dash cam by driver Ronnie Browb.

Heres the driver’s version of events the driver stated “I was returning from my last delivery which was at Tarbert on the A83, I was driving a Scania 360 pulling a 45ft tri axle trailer behind me were a small white van and an Audi A3 both patiently waiting for a safe place to pass me. Next thing this idiot appears flying past the 3 of us toward an oncoming vehicle. My speed is not shown but I was not hanging about and yes I did touch the brake for the sake of the oncoming car driver not the idiot he could have killed himself for all I care.

Credit: Dash Cam Network

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