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Vauxhall pledge more support for mid-size fleets

By Kyle Lindsay
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 13:00

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John Cameron

The team

Backing up its stated aim to lead the mainstream True Fleet market, Vauxhall is to target smaller fleets operating 25-99 cars and vans with a range of additional support.

Effective immediately, Vauxhall has tasked an all-new team of 11 Fleet Sales Managers with supporting this important segment and improving its true fleet share. These field-based sales managers will work in tandem with their colleagues managing 100-plus fleets to ensure all businesses get a uniformly high level of service.

Supporting this initiative, Vauxhall has also updated its award-winning website with a number of new features, designed for 25-99 businesses to help them save costs.

The all-new Fleet Knowledge Area offers a useful range of video content and articles to help fleet decision-makers better understand the key metrics to look out for when making a choice for their fleet. This includes a look at whole life costs, benefit-in-kind taxation and P11D values and guidance on how businesses can save money.

There is also a much-improved user experience including illustrated results, vehicle recommendations, PDF downloads and the ability to find cars by registration number.

“I’m delighted to launch this package of support for smaller businesses,” said James Taylor, Vauxhall’s Fleet Sales Director. “We know that these businesses have slightly different requirements than larger, more structured fleets and we really want to show that we can offer them the right flexibility in terms of their overall fleet package.”

Recognising that many business decision-makers need information quickly available on their smartphone, the calculators are available at your fingertips while on the move via the brand new mobile toolbox.

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