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WATCH: Bike Crash At High Speed

Apr 27, 2017Comments off

Man crashes bike on the highway at a high speed.

WATCH: Stuntman Jumps Over Moving BMW I8

Apr 25, 2017Comments off

Check out this fella performing a stunt over a BMW i8, he decides to kick it up a few notches by doing a front flip

Ferrari Roller Coaster Accident Featuring A...

Apr 17, 2017Comments off

While riding one of the world’s highest and fastest roller coasters, Red Force, one unlucky passenger was hit by a pigeon.

Ford Makes Mustang Start Button Pulse

Apr 07, 2017Comments off

The refreshed 2018 Ford Mustang is not on sale yet, but the manufacturer keeps highlighting its improvements.

WATCH: World’s Fastest Bumper Car

Apr 06, 2017Comments off

e have the utmost respect for speed, performance, and the daredevils who revere such things.

Citroën Jumper Transforms Into A Type H Va...

Apr 05, 2017Comments off

The Citroën Type H is one of a handful of utility vehicles that can shine proudly in any automotive collection. It must be said that

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