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Car Seems To Appear Out Of Nowhere To Cause...

Oct 24, 2017Comments off

In the baffling dashcam video taken from a trailing car, a white vehicle is seen waiting at a junction.

Car Thieves Steal £50,000 BMW In Seconds

Oct 17, 2017Comments off

A brand-new BMW was stolen from its owner’s drive by thieves using technology bought online.

The Worst Car Crash Caught On Video

Oct 10, 2017Comments off

Could this be the worst crash caught on video? Always be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe.

Watch Ford GT Cruise Atlantic Ocean Road

Oct 03, 2017Comments off

Could this be the perfect road trip – a stately promenade of the ultimate coast road, followed by a record-breaking blast around a very special

Burglar Gets Hit By Car As He’s Runni...

Sep 28, 2017Comments off

This is the moment a vandal caught smashing a shop window gets his comeuppance - when he is hit by a car while fleeing the

Four Cars Colliding In Horrific Crash

Sep 26, 2017Comments off

Dashcam footage shows four cars colliding in horrific crash Daily Mail Online.

Land Rover Discovery Tows Australian Road T...

Sep 21, 2017Comments off

The Land Rover Discovery has taken on a 110-tonne road train and the Australian Outback… and won. The sight of a seven-trailer truck being pulled

Driver Collides With Two Construction Vehic...

Sep 19, 2017Comments off

This is the moment a reckless driver determined to overtake crashed into two construction vehicles after attempting to overtake a truck.

Driver Pulls Out In Front Of Train

Sep 14, 2017Comments off

Check out the worlds most oblivious driver pulls out in front of a steam engine. But don’t worry the driver is okay, but maybe they

Truck Barrels Through Red Light, Smashes Ca...

Sep 12, 2017Comments off

An out-of-control dump truck barrels through a red light at a busy intersection in Austin, Tex., and it's caught on dash cam.

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