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Subaru 360 Spin To Overtake Car In Russia

Feb 15, 2018Comments off

A VIRAL video shows the moment a driver narrowly avoids being hit by another spinning car.

WATCH Woman Narrowly Escape Death

Feb 07, 2018Comments off

A VIRAL video shows the terrifying moment a woman narrowly escapes injury after a lorry slams into the side of her car.

Innovative Window Hammock For Cats On The G...

Feb 01, 2018Comments off

Cats taking a pleasure drive from the comforts of an in-car hammock is the video that animal lovers everywhere have been waiting for.

Thug Smashes Police Car Window With A Brick

Jan 25, 2018Comments off

A thug was filmed hurling bricks at a police car, jumping on the roof and dancing on the car.

Car Hits Black Ice And Loses Control

Jan 23, 2018Comments off

A viral video has captured the scary moment a car loses control on black ice on a highway.

Tesla Model X Tows A 35,000lb Semi Truck

Jan 18, 2018Comments off

A man was able to pull off the seemingly impossible as he towed an enormous semi truck with his electric Tesla Model X 4x4.

Truck Carrying Thousands Of Chickens Crashe...

Jan 16, 2018Comments off

The clean-up is continuing after a truck carrying thousands of chickens crashed over the side of an overpass in Geelong, scattering crates of chickens across

Smart Car Fits Into Impossibly Small Gap

Jan 08, 2018Comments off

A Smart car driver was caught on camera squeezing into a tiny parking place - and crashing into other vehicles in the very bumpy process.

Major Crash Hospitalising One Child

Jan 04, 2018Comments off

CCTV of the incident shows a black car parked on the side of Thornton Road in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Santa’s New Ride

Dec 19, 2017Comments off

I caught Santa driving a Jeep with no roof, doors, or windshield.