WATCH: Swiped by white van man

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 - 16:57
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In this video a white van driver pops the bonnet of a lorry as he muscles in. The music at the end adds an air of surrealist sophistication when they are having a wildly gesticulating discussion.


With thanks to Dash Cam Network


  1. I have no clue what video you were watching but the van is completely out of order and any insurance company and any court of law will decide in favour of the truck driver here. Van man was completely out of position on the roundabout, pulled a particularly dangerous manoeuvre and instead of leaving it there carried on trying to barge a vehicle that weighed 40 tonnes more than him. Then after all that had the gall to try and argue he was in the right, come on. this is why are roads are as dangerous as they are today, people thinking they are the most important thing on the road, READ THE HIGHWAY CODE, it was written for a reason, learn it, live it, love it.

    • My immediate thought after watching the video was that the van driver should have just gone around the roundabout again so he was in the correct lane

  2. Initially agreed with Matt. The driver with the camera had already realised the van drivers intention to take that exit almost as soon as he joined the roundabout. Watch how close he keeps to the car in front in order to protect his ‘territory’. However – I can’t see any signs / road markings prior to the roundabout. This is key – if they dictate that both lanes can be used to leave the roundabout then the camera guy is to blame. If not, then I’d suggest the van driver caused the accident,

  3. The driver with the camera is clearly wrong here. The white was well in front in the filter lane, yet his speeded up to close the gap to not let him in. But by then he was in the white van’s blind spot.
    It was a filter lane after all – let him filter in if he’s in front.