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WATCH: Motorway collision caught on camera

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 13:39
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Smartwitness footage

A new SmartWitness video shows a dramatic collision between HGV and a car on the M6.

The footage captures the moment the blue Nissan Note hits the side of the lorry and is then bounced across the road, after the Nissan driver failed to notice the lorry alongside and veered into the HGV’s lane.

Insurers have found that just 2% of incidents recorded on SmartWitness cameras result in disputed claims – against an industry norm of 40% of motor claims.

SmartWitness managing director Simon Marsh said: “Once a company fits vehicle CCTV they never go back to having their drivers operating without cameras.
“This new video perfectly illustrates their worth.”


  1. Steve the driver of the Note was correct being on the inside lane. Any lane OTHER than the inside lane is for overtaking hence the term lane hoggers. If everyone remembered that, traffic flow would be much sweeter

  2. Does the truck not drive into the Nissan Note?? not the Nissan Note into the truck as reported, admittedly the truck is forced across by the black car on the right. Great use of a witness camera though, we have one on our Vauxhall Ampera incase any pedestrians walk out when they do not hear an electric car

  3. This is the whole thing these days. Why tf did it get over to lane 1 anyway, if it was going to pull out again 5 seconds later?? People are a) so stupid, and b) so sh*t scared of getting a ticket for “lane hogging” that there is this constant back and forth. I was always taught “every time you change lane, it’s a risk”. There is utterly no point, as there’s always a blind spot risk. I’d like to see the cop prosecute me for being in lane 2 at or around 70 mph on the bl**dy M6, as whoever wants to overtake is breaking the law anyway. Lanes 1&2 are chock full of dumb-assed trucks anyway, and getting in and out of lane 3 from 2 just bunches everybody up behind, as you’re doing 56 or so when you make the move. It’s utter bollocks. The Germans have it sorted, on the overhead gantries, when the road gets busy, they progressively move the truck over until they’re all in lane 1. They’re all doing the same speed anyway, give or take, so what’s the problem? That would free up the other lanes for cars and light vans etc.

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