ULEZ expansion could lead to 3.5 million fewer cars

Research out today from car sharing service DriveNow*, part of SHARE NOW, has found that 28% of people in the South East of England are planning on selling their cars due to the ULEZ expansion in 2021. 10% will not be replacing their cars at all, choosing to use public transport, walk, cycle or use car sharing instead. Of those in the South East who will be keeping their cars 16% will be driving less frequently due to the ULEZ expansion.

The research also revealed that the effects of the expansion will be felt across the country. 21% of people across Great Britain are planning on selling their cars due to ULEZ, and 9% will not be replacing them at all, which could lead to 3.5 million fewer cars on British roads**. The expansion will also influence people who won’t be selling their vehicles. 10% of Brits who will be keeping their cars will be driving less frequently due to the ULEZ expansion and 5% will use a car sharing service for trips in London

In a positive sign for the future, the polling uncovered that young people, aged 18-24 are the most likely age group to be giving up their cars completely. 14% reported that they will be selling their cars and using public transport, walking or cycling more and 5% will be total replacing their private vehicles with the use of a car sharing service.

SHARE NOW also announced today that those opting for the ULEZ scrappage scheme will be able to claim £100 credit with SHARE NOW to encourage them to move away from private car ownership.

Stephen Bee, Spokesperson at SHARE NOW UK: “It is great to see that the ULEZ is encouraging people to reconsider their relationship with their cars. It is a step in the right direction to reducing congestion and improving air quality. We are particularly heartened to see that young people are driving a change in car ownership habits, moving towards more sustainable ways of getting around.

Car sharing offers a solution for people who are concerned about the air quality in London, but who still occasionally need to drive. Our fleet contains a mix of electric and petrol cars and just one of our shared cars can replace up to 10 privately owned vehicles. By sharing cars, each vehicle is used more, making the most of the energy and emissions used to build it, while fewer cars are parked on our streets and congestion is reduced. A win for all Londoners.

* http://www.drive-now.com/

** Based on 38.4 million cars in the UK in March 2019 according to the RAC foundation – 9% cars sold not replaced = 3,456,000

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