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Eye Test

Majority of employers do not offer eye care...

Oct 23, 2019Comments off

Research by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare released today shows just 38% of employers offer eye care specifically to drivers.* In a survey of more than 500

Why being able to read a number plate just ...

Oct 15, 2019Comments off

Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist says the current eyesight test for drivers is long out of date and not fit for purpose. GEM is

Eyesight standards when driving abroad

Sep 16, 2019Comments off

It’s well known in the UK that employers have a legal responsibility under EU legislation to ensure that employees meet the minimum eyesight standards when

Drivers should take a mandatory eyesight te...

Sep 02, 2019Comments off

If you’ve bragged about not having to wear glasses or contact lenses yet, it’s about time to get off your eyehorse… The NHS* confirms that almost

VSP Vision Care welcomes reports of eye tes...

Aug 13, 2019Comments off

VSP Vision Care has welcomed reports that the Department for Transport is considering eye tests for drivers over the age of 70 as part of

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