Elderly Drivers

penalty points

Pensioners have more penalty points than yo...

Mar 09, 2021Comments off

There are more than 304,000 pensioners (over 65s) currently driving on UK roads with penalty points on their licence, nearly 25 times the number of

Drivers should take a mandatory eyesight te...

Sep 02, 2019Comments off

If you’ve bragged about not having to wear glasses or contact lenses yet, it’s about time to get off your eyehorse… The NHS* confirms that almost

VSP Vision Care welcomes reports of eye tes...

Aug 13, 2019Comments off

VSP Vision Care has welcomed reports that the Department for Transport is considering eye tests for drivers over the age of 70 as part of

Training will provide ‘detailed under...

Aug 12, 2019Comments off

Road Safety GB has released more details about an ADI training package it is developing and will be highlighting how local authorities and driving instructors

Road safety action plan announced to cut ro...

Jul 19, 2019Comments off

Failure to wear a seatbelt could result in penalty points as well as fines, under new plans to reduce the number of deaths on the

Essex course to help older drivers stay on ...

Jun 24, 2019Comments off

Authorities in Essex have launched a new older driver course designed to increase confidence behind the wheel. Devised by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP),

Self-reflection is key for safer senior dri...

Mar 19, 2019Comments off

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist says older drivers can stay safer for longer by reflecting on their driving, and by knowing where

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