WATCH: Motorcycle-Riding Cats

Friday, February 10, 2017 - 15:27
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The Internet loves cats, and at Motor we’re excited about practically anything with an engine. So naturally this brief clip of a pair of motorcycle riding felines in Thailand brightens our day. These kitties’ jaunty antennae-festooned helmets only make this video better.

A cat wearing any motorcycle helmet would be cute enough, but this gear features an extra nod to vintage pop culture that makes them even better. The kitty in front dresses in a green, white, and red design with bug-eyed sections on top. The style is too similar to Kamen Rider, a Japanese superhero show from the 1970s, not to be a direct reference to it, and the show about a cycle-riding crime fighter is especially appropriate for this bike-loving feline’s protective gear. Check out the program’s opening below, and see if you agree where the owner is cribbing the style for this cat’s lid.

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