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Interview: ŠKODA’s Head Designer Jozef Kabaň

By Kyle Lindsay
Wednesday, August 20, 2014 - 13:39

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The apple of Jozef Kabaň’s eye

During the development of the third-generation Fabia, the focus fell on the design team to create a sportier vehicle and to make the design altogether crisper.

The result is a young, fresh and modern compact car that sets new standards in its segment.

We talk to Head Designer Jozef Kabaň about the challenges faced during the conception and production and the demands of form and function in the automobile industry:

Question: A few months ago, the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ design study gave us a first glimpse of the future ŠKODA design language. In what way does the new ŠKODA Fabia reflect this development?
Jozef Kabaň: We have demonstrated with the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ design study how ŠKODA is able to combine great functionality with an expressive, emotional and more sharply defined design. This new design direction is the next step in the development of our brand and the new ŠKODA Fabia is the first model to communicate this design language. Drawing on elements of the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ design study, the Fabia is more expressive, more dynamic and sportier.

From a design perspective, what is special about the new ŠKODA Fabia?
During the development of the third-generation Fabia, we focused on creating a sportier vehicle and made the design altogether crisper. The result is a young, fresh and modern compact car that sets new standards in its segment.

Which design elements have you used to achieve this?
Firstly, we have given the car tighter proportions. The new ŠKODA Fabia is flatter and wider than before, giving it a fuller stance on the road. It also has sharp edges, clear lines and features crystalline design elements. This has allowed us to achieve greater contrast and a very distinctive interplay of light and shadows. All that gives the vehicle a unique and self-assured character.

More and more customers want to add a personal touch to their car. What can the new Fabia offer them?
There is more opportunity to customise the Fabia than ever before. 15 different body colours are available, as well as a special colour concept which offers customers the chance to individually select the colour of the roof, rims and exterior mirrors. We offer three lines and numerous options for the car’s interior.

What is the significance of the crystalline elements?
ŠKODA is proud of its Bohemian heritage. The sharp lines, the clear contouring and the fine cut of the new Fabia’s headlights pay homage to the Czech tradition of glass art, and high degree of precision as well as high-quality finish stand out. The rear lights are particularly impressive.


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