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First Seat cars powered by Samsung on the roads in 2015

By Kyle Lindsay
Monday, March 2, 2015 - 13:01

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Aim to provide total connectivity across Seat’s range of models

Aim to provide total connectivity across Seat’s range of models

In an example of foreshadowing from FleetPoint, after we ran a story on in-car connectivity potentially dictating car choice, SEAT and Samsung have announced they will be partnering for connectivity purposes in 2015.

The agreement will take shape in the coming months with the launch of a new Seat model line-up equipped to keep the customer always connected, with new technological features to be extended gradually to the rest of the manufacturers range.

In the words of Jürgen Stackmann, Seat Executive Committee Chairman, “One of Seat’s main objectives is to meet emerging needs and customer expectations. To fulfil our commitment to our customers, we want to strengthen the competitiveness of the Seat range. For us, Samsung is the ideal partner in this new global challenge”.

Other agreement provisions enable Samsung to supply Seat with software to develop its own car apps, which can be managed from Samsung handsets.

According to Rick Segal, Vice-President of Enterprise Business Team, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics, “The idea behind the agreement is to work together, joining the know-how of both brands, to develop on board safe technological solutions which simplify our customers’ lives. The aim is to keep consumers always connected.”

These vehicles will be equipped with MirrorLink technology with smartphone content being mirrored in the vehicle display in a safe way, with no distraction for the driver, who is afforded access to apps while keeping both eyes on the road.

The devices, the apps and the car infotainment system are the main elements of the MirrorLink based connectivity and wearables can be added to support further functions.

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  • Sylda says...March 8, 2015 (09:48)

    can someone explain how this helps prevent mobile phone use at the wheel!